• The Drive Thru Pharmacy

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  • Medicine Management

  • Let us help you manage your medications. At our dispensary, you can:

    • Drop off / Pick up Prescription Medicines
    • Order Repeat Prescriptions
    • Opt in for Free Prescription Text Reminders
    • Synchronise Your Medicines
    • Order Blister Packing of your Medicines
    • Drop off Outdated Medicines for Destruction
  • Medico Pak - Blister Packing

  • If you have many medications to take at multiple times during the course of the day, then Medico Pak blister packing can make your life easier! It reduces the stress associated with remembering which medications to take, how much to take and when to take them.

    Medico Pak is a simple but very effective way of managing your medication and is able to be used by all age groups from young people to the elderly.

  • Medico Pak can help if...

    • You or a loved has a condition that requires ongoing complex medication.
    • You have children on a medication schedule.
    • You do a lot of travelling or are going on a holiday.
    • You're taking multiple medications or have a difficult dosage schedule.
    • You're a caregiver looking for a reliable system for medicine management.

    Each Medico Pak is accurately and correctly dispensed by our pharmacist according to your individual prescriptions.